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Formed by the Everett Chapter 143 of Veterans For Peace, this site is intended as a guide to useful resources for Veterans who want to promote peace in this world, and maybe learn about others.

Link to:  Amnesty International Wikileak (Must Read) Wikileaks Web Site NORTHWOODS on George Washington University NATIONAL SECURITY ARCHIVES

One the costs of war is the nuclear industry and the waste we have to clean up:

Learn the whole story
Small Team Breaks into Nuclear Stockpile
The World's 3rd most powerful nuclear power is Kitsap County, Washington & Bangor Submarine base:

Sing Along with Pete Seger

Learn more about US USE of Military 1798 to (Present).  That's right 1798 to present!  (LINK)
Ballad of Ira Hayes (Iwo Jima hero) (LINK)


Howard Zinn records released by FBI August, 2010 LINK


PBS: The Wounded Platoon ////Yes - send me an I-1098 petition!


Cultures of Resistance: A Look at Global Militarization from Cultures of Resistance on Vimeo.

'Those who stand for Justice are always on the right side of history'

Roger Waters video: "We Shall Overcome"

"Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of Palestinians" Nelson Mandela

JIM PAGE: 'I'd Rather Be Dancing' (from Rachel Corrie)

Turkish Warships sent to protect MV Rachel Corrie ????

Israeli TV media blackout of demonstrations against Zionist governments MURDER

RACHEL CORRIE describing what she saw in Israeli Occupied Palestine

Learn more about Rachel Corrie

Don't Drink the Kool Aid!  Begin to think for yourself.  Is it possible your Soul depends on this?

DID YOU KNOW THAT the Gulf of Tonkin resolution that got us into Vietnam was REPEALED in 1970?

What do you KNOW about Afghanistan and 9/11?  What do you say to THIS (YouTube discovery) or THIS (NY Times article 2001)?



The Incursion and bombardment in Gaza

The incursion and bombardment of Gaza is not about destroying Hamas.  It is not about stopping rocket fire into Israel.  It is not about achieving peace.  The Israeli decision to rain death and destruction on Gaza, to use lethal weapons of the modern battle field on a largely defenseless civilian population is the final phase in the decades long campaign to ethnically cleanse Palestinians.  The Assault on Gaza is about creating squalid, lawless and impoverished ghettos.  In the West Bank and Gaza, where life for the Palestinians will be barely sustainable.  It is about building a series of ringed Palestinian enclaves where the Israeli military will have the ability to instantly shut off movement of food, medicine and goods to perpetuate the misery.

Privilege and power, especially military power is a dangerous narcotic.  Violence destroys those who bear the brunt of its force, but also those who use it to try to become Gods.  Israel uses sophisticated attack jets and Naval vessels to bomb densely crowded refugee camps, schools, apartment blocks mosques and slums, to attack a population that has no air force, no air defense, no navy, no heavy weapons, no artillery units, no mechanized armor, no command and control, no army and calls it a war. It is not a war.  It is Murder.  Images of dead Palestinian children lined up as if asleep on the floor of the mail hospital in Gaza are a metaphor for the future.

Israel will from now on speak to the Palestinians in the language of death.  Those who orchestrate such sieges do not grasp the terrible rage of long humiliation indiscriminate violence and abuse.  A father or a mother whose child dies to a lack of vaccines or proper medical care does not forget.  A boy who's ill grandmother dies while being detained at an Israeli checkpoint does not forget.  Families who carry the broken bodies of their children to hospitals do not forget.  All who endure humiliation, abuse and the murder of those they love do not forget.  This rage becomes a virus within those who eventually stumble out into the daylight.  Is it any wonder that 71 percent of children interviewed at a school in Gaza recently said they wanted to be a martyr.

The refusal by our political leaders from Barrack Obama to all but 5 members of Congress to the major media to speak out in defense of the rule of law and fundamental human rights exposes our cowardice and our hypocrisy.  A public debate about the Gaza attack engages in the absurd pretense that it is Israel, not the Palestinians who's security and dignity is being threatened.  This blind defense of Israeli brutality toward the Palestinians is a betrayal of the memory of all those killed in other Genocides in other times.

The lesson of the holocaust is not that Jews are special.  It is not that Jews are unique.  It is not that Jews are eternal victims.  The lesson of the holocaust is that when you have the capacity to hold genocide and you do not, no matter who carries out that genocide, or who it is directed against, you are culpable.  And we are very culpable.  The F16 fighter jets, the Apache attack helicopters, the 250 pound smart GBU39 bombs are all a part of the $3 Billion dollar aid we give to Israel.  Palestinians are being killed tonight with American made weapons.  But perhaps our callous indifference to human suffering is to be expected.  We (after all) kill women and children on an even vaster scale in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Chris Hedges on the Gaza Massacre PART TWO (Brazilian Cartoons)

What about Vietnam.  Do you ever check out YouTube?  Vietnam Blues 
WikiLeaks video of shooting civilians.  You have to blame those who rushed us to war, not the troops who do their best to serve their country as honorably as they know how.  Blame the country for the PTS and nightmares they have years later as they realize what they did when the situation was out of their control.


SO THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT? How much longer can we play ignorant? 

VFP143 Mourning the loss of two of our friends

 FORREST FROWNFELTER, Veteran of the US Korea war

From Forrest Frownfelter Veterans For Peace

oKelly McCluskey 1926-2010
LEARN oKelly's Song!  MP3  MP3 Sheet Music


Dr Doug Rokke in Seattle 2002

S T A T E _O F_ R H O D E _I S L A N D










Generating Controversy:  The Changing Climate of Coal GO TO


Order the DVD and watch it now.  Discuss it with your neighbors!


U.S. Doesn't Torture?  Think about and tell me about it.  READ THE MEMOs



You have to read this before you can say you're ready to enlist

Cool YouTube "We don't Need no more trouble"

An Apology for an Occupation

Apology of US Sergeant Matthis Chiroux to Afghan leader Malalai Joya

by Matthis Chiroux/Malalai Joya

Afghanistan:   "Don't Go There Mr President" by Tom Hayden  - RETHINK AFGHANISTAN watch the movie Veterans For Peace response to Pres Obama's Afghan Plan  - United for Peace & Justice -

haaretz article: IDF in Gaza: Killing civilians, vandalism, and lax rules of engagement

Toxic ammo is tested in fish areas

U.S. Navy uses depleted uranium in coast waters; activists may go to court


The Navy routinely tested their weapons before going to sea by firing radioactive, toxic ammunition in prime fishing areas off the coast of Washington, raising concerns from scientists, fishermen and activists. READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE

nnnn U.S. Government Refuses to Help Veterans with DU Exposure!Dr Doug Rokke interview (U.S. Army Major, Retired) MORE

Welcome to the Northwest Training Range Complex
Send your public comments in before the (APRIL 13, 2009) deadline.
We're All DownWinders Now

starDUst: The Dr. Douglas Rokke Foundation - Iraqi cancers, birth defects blamed on U.S. depleted uranium (Seattle PI) - Army Times: A new congressional report concludes that at least 28,283 disabled retirees were denied retroactive pay

Colin Powell & Condoleeza Rice on Iraq circa 2001.  Watch it and weep

Ray McGovern (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity)
on EdMaysProductions - Lots of Seattle area material here
Also on YouTube Confronting Rumsfeld about 250,000 troops poisoned

IF YOU CARE about Israel or Palestine, you have to be curious and you should get yourself informed on the history and the facts. 

Watch the movie called "THE IRON WALL"

Here are some links somebody just sent me:

Palestine for Beginners is a locally produced DVD to explain the history of Israel & Palestine.  It is easy to follow, and informative.  You have have attended one of the shows.  Now you can get a DVD to share with your friends.  Go to for more information.

Maybe you don't mind being fooled by your local news stations.  Then again, maybe you can look at Aljazeera and ask your local station why they leave such vital facts out.  Try it!  I'm a former Marine, and though we former Marines aren't always popular, we include Daniel Elsberg, and Josh Rushing.  Josh worked with Aljazeera when he was a Public Information Officer in Iraq.  That's where he works now!  Maybe ex-Marines have more heart than people give us credit for.

Not everybody who messes you is your enemy.  Not everybody who helps you is your friend.  Learn who Rom Emanual is and learn who anybody on any President's Cabinet is when you first hear about them

Tell Israel to stop sending their teenagers to Jail for being consciencious objectors.  If they can't find people to fight their battles, maybe they need to stop and consider what's wrong with their policies.

Voices for Creative Non-Violence

Read Kathy Kelly's report from Gaza



Denver Police Action. UNMARKED COPS in violation of law. 'We don't need no steeenkin' badges. (no identity, no citizen complaints). Who is to say these are really Police and not thugs or Blackwater or (what else is possible in this country?)

The new T-Shirt in Denver?  "Wake up early and beat the crowds"

Watch the video, sign the petition, think of the golden rule and pass it on.


Arlington West like Arlington NW look for it in a park near you.

Learn what happens when an Iraq War Veteran comes home.
See if it's still in theaters  buy the CD and the DVD

Watch the WINTER SOLDIER hearings on Democracy Now and IVAW.Org and YouTube
Talk about them with your friends and representatives.
Your Tax Dollars at work

Network Opposed to War against Iran http://www.NOWI.US IS NOW NPPI

Are you a veteran for Peace?  What do you think a Veterans For Peace Chapter should be about?  E-Mail me your ideas.  CLIFF@VFP143.ORG 
We met Zippy's, NOW located at 1502 Rucker Avenue in Everett.

GI RIGHTS HOTLINE  -  You do not have to go until you have BEEN TO BASIC ALREADY _ CALL NOW 1 (877) 447-4487

G I Rights:  Objector.Org


GOD Bless Tom Lehrer:
WHO'S NEXT SEND THE MARINES What to expect in Nuclear War This is Classic!

I like this YouTube about Global Warming (Climate Destabilization!).

VFP143 Podcast section  /  VFP143 Literature page

CIA and Assassinations
The Guatemala 1954 Documents

SEATTLE Annual Commemoration of Martin Luther King's birthday.
MY Pictures MLK2009

If you missed a good speaker at Seattle Town Hall, EdMays may have recorded it for you, or look for TALKINIGSTICKTV on YouTube.

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